Past Collections & Collabs

Here is a list of previous polishes that have been discontinued. This list includes PPU, IPU, HHC, and collabs.


Fall Collection - 09/2017

Pumpkin Spice Latte



Sweater Weather

Falling For Green


The Holo-Ween Trio - 10/2017

Tales From The Holo-Crypt




The Merry & Bright Collection - 11/2017

Wine By The Fire

Sleigh Bells

Santa Baby



Frosted Nights


The Candied Creme Collection - 1/2018



Plum Gumdrop

Blue Raspberry

Sour Apple

Orange Slice

Red Hots



The Led Zeppelin Holo Collection - 1/2018

Stairway To Holo

Whole Lotta Holo

Houses Of The Holo

I Can't Quit You Holo

Battle Of Holo

Misty Mountain Holo


Anne Of Green Gables Duo With Night Owl Lacquer - 2/2018

Kindred Spirits


Indieversary/Birthday Duo - 2/2018

Dirty 30

You Belong Among The Wildflowers


Valentine's Thermals - 2/2018

Stupid Cupid

My Funny Valentine


Lucy's Chocolate Factory Trio - 2/2018

Oh, Lucy!

Sweets For My Sweetie

You've Got Some Splainin' To Do


Out In The Wild Collection - 3/2018

Wild Berries

Poison Ivy

Electric Sky

Crystal Waters

Under The Stars

Off The Beaten Path


Summer Creme Collection (Neons) 3/2018

Jelly Sandals

Tropical Breeze

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Pink Sunglasses


Jello Shot


Nightmare Before Easter Duo With Geekish Glitter Lacquer 3/2018

Wrong Door


Lacquer Collab - May 2018

Some Like It Hot


Man With Scissorhands Collection - 5/2018

Edward Was Here

Hold Me...I Can't

Special Lady In Your Life

Avon Calling

He Isn't Even Human

View From The Mansion


Autumn Nights Collection - 9/2018

Crisp Air

Moonlight Reflection

Pumpkin Patch

Fallen Leaves

Embers In The Sky


A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus Collection - 9/2018

Amok Amok Amok!

The Sanderson Sisters

Another Glorious Morning, Make Me Sick!

I Smell Children


Vampire Box - 10/2018

Bite Me (Thermal)


A Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving Collab With Lynbdesigns - 10/2018



12 Days Of Makers - 11/2018

Turtle Doves


 Winter Wonderland Collection 11/2018

Frosted Pine

Glistening Snowflakes

Who's Kissing Santa?

Blitzen's Bash

Candy Cane Lane

Silent Night


2nd Indieversary Duo

Walk Among the Wildflowers - Topper

Plains of Oklahoma - Creme


Limited Editions


Zombies Hate Fast Food

Drunkin' Pumpkin

Ghost Of A Unicorn


Last Nail In The Coffin


Snowed In

Tinsel In A Tangle

Go Elf Yourself

Cheers Grinches!

Let's Get Lit

Reindeer Poop

Naughty Or Nice?

Santa's Mints

Let The Good Times Roll



Mystical Madness

Irish I Was Your Lover


My Signature Color (Thermal)


Facebook Group Customs

Luck Of The Irish - 2/2018

The Aquarium Life - 3/2018

Medieval Maiden - 3/2018

Fire & Ice - 7/2018

Mountain Of Majesty - 7/2018

Transcendent Dreams - 8/2018

Polar Lights - 11/2018


Retro Rewind Lounge - Are You Afraid Of The Dark? with Nailed it - 7/2018

Midnight Society's Campfire


Charity Polish

Alzheimer's Awareness Polish

Forget Me Not - 2017

Royla - 2018

Hope For Paws Duo with Nailed it - 6/2018

Haven Of Hope

Collab with Rescue Dogs Rule - 9/2018

The Best Things In Life Are Rescued

The Strength From Within Collab with Geekish Glitter & Nailed It - 7/2018

Hold On To Hope

Save The Boobies Box with Nailed It - 10/2018

Awareness Is Power 

Collab with @camisnailarts - 12/2018

I've Got The Blues 

Pinky Promise #SuperSean with Fat Cat Pawlished - 1/2019

Save The Elephants Duo - 1/2019

All Good Things Are Wild & Free

Wisdom & Serenity

Support Network - 4/2019


Past Polish Pickup

Your Princess Is In Another Castle - 6/2018

Burnin' Up The Quarter Mile - 7/2018

Horrific Harlequins - 9/2018

I Looove Gold! - 10/2018

Cups Of Ambition - 11/2018

Nemophilist - 12/2018

Serpentine Queen - 1/2019

Moose - 2/2019

Twisted Fool - 3/2019

Fairy Lights - 4/2019


Past HHC

Golden Girls Theme -

Eat Dirt & Die, Trash! 10/2018

Beat It You 50 Year Old Mattress! 11/2018

Sweetheart, Pray For Brains - 12/2018

Back In St. Olaf - 1/2019

Wayne's World Theme -

The Mirth Mobile - 2/2019

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! - 3/2019


Talk Indie To Me

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - 5/2018

Shimmering Skyline - 7/2018

No Strings Attached - 8/2018


Indie Pickup Wax Melts

Spies In Their Eyes - Cinnamon Teal Inspired

Backwoods Barbie - Dolly Parton Inspired 

Night Sky - Nyx Goddess Of The Night Inspired

Sam’s Plaid Shirt - Sam Winchester Inspired 

At The Cafe - Renoir Cafe Painting