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Past Collections & Collabs

Here is a list of previous polishes that have been discontinued. This list includes PPU, HHC, and collabs.


Fall Collection - 09/2017

Pumpkin Spice Latte



Sweater Weather

Falling For Green


The Holo-Ween Trio - 10/2017

Tales From The Holo-Crypt




The Merry & Bright Collection - 11/2017

Wine By The Fire

Sleigh Bells

Santa Baby



Frosted Nights


The Candied Creme Collection - 1/2018



Plum Gumdrop

Blue Raspberry

Sour Apple

Orange Slice

Red Hots



The Led Zeppelin Holo Collection - 1/2018

Stairway To Holo

Whole Lotta Holo

Houses Of The Holo

I Can't Quit You Holo

Battle Of Holo

Misty Mountain Holo


Anne Of Green Gables Duo With Night Owl Lacquer - 2/2018

Kindred Spirits


Unicorn Box
Magical Caticorn


Indieversary/Birthday Duo - 2/2018

Dirty 30

You Belong Among The Wildflowers


Valentine's Thermals - 2/2018

Stupid Cupid

My Funny Valentine


Lucy's Chocolate Factory Trio - 2/2018

Oh, Lucy!

Sweets For My Sweetie

You've Got Some Splainin' To Do


Out In The Wild Collection - 3/2018

Wild Berries

Poison Ivy

Electric Sky

Crystal Waters

Under The Stars

Off The Beaten Path


Summer Cremes Collection (Neons) 3/2018

Jelly Sandals

Tropical Breeze

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Pink Sunglasses


Jello Shot


Nightmare Before Easter Duo With Geekish Glitter Lacquer 3/2018

Wrong Door


Lacquer Collab - May 2018

Some Like It Hot


Man With Scissorhands Collection - 5/2018

Edward Was Here

Hold Me...I Can't

Special Lady In Your Life

Avon Calling

He Isn't Even Human

View From The Mansion


 The Vintage Rainbow Collection (cremes)

Shaggin' Waggin' Purple

Flower Power Pink

Peace Out Peach

Mellow Yellow

Cool Beans Blue

Groovy Green


Autumn Nights Collection - 9/2018

Crisp Air

Moonlight Reflection

Pumpkin Patch

Fallen Leaves

Embers In The Sky


A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus Collection - 9/2018

Amok Amok Amok!

The Sanderson Sisters

Another Glorious Morning, Make Me Sick!

I Smell Children


Vampire Box - 10/2018

Bite Me (Thermal)


A Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving Collab With Lynbdesigns - 10/2018



12 Days Of Makers - 11/2018

Turtle Doves


 Winter Wonderland Collection 11/2018

Frosted Pine

Glistening Snowflakes

Who's Kissing Santa?

Blitzen's Bash

Candy Cane Lane

Silent Night


2nd Indieversary Duo

Walk Among the Wildflowers - Topper

Plains of Oklahoma - Creme


Birthday Trio

Eff Adulting

Forever 31

No Party, Just Nap 


Battle of the Boy Bands 2.0 with Nailed It!

Dirty Pop


April 2019 Shimmer into Spring

Meadows of Gold

Clementine Kisses

Fields to Travel

Dusks Last Light

Breath of Spring

Rainy Dawn


May 2019 Edge of Nature Trio

Butterfly Wings


Mystic River


 May 2019 Ever After Collection

Happily Ever After

My Weakness

Beg Your Forgiveness

Improve the Silence

Lazy Little Leech

Breathe, Just Breathe


July 2019 Mystery Bag

Winged Triumph

Blooming Magic

Starlit Woods

Mystical Eve


August 2019 Fireflies Collection

 Dance of the Fireflies

Jar of Lightning

Twilight Twinkling

Midnight Glow


September 2019 Fall Feels

Bumpin' Pumpkins

Knockin' Goblins

Berry Pickin'

Apple Bobbin'

Cider Sipplin'

Cozy Cuddlin'


October 2019 Thriller Nights Trio

Inside a Killer Thriller Night

Something Evils Lurking in the Dark

Darkness Falls Across the Land


December 2019 Frost Bitten Collection

Ice Kissed

Glory of the Snow

Frost Camellias

Arctic Sparkle


2019 Birth Flowers 

  1. Carnations in Bloom
  2. Violets Blossoming
  3. Delicate Daffodils
  4. Dainty Daisies 
  5. You're Like Lily Pretty
  6. Kiss from a Rose
  7. Water Liberlily 
  8. Feelin' Gladiolous
  9. Once in a Blue Moon Bloom
  10. I Could Just Marry Gold
  11. Mums the Word
  12. You're So Narcissus 


 2020 Up a Creek - Volume 1

Love that Journey for Me

You Get Murdered First

My Very Soul Has Been Kidnapped

It's My Turn to Take a Selfish

My Best to Bob Cratchit

Warmest Regards


2020 Birthday Celebration

Fabulosity Has No Age

Age Gets Better With Wine

Journey to 32

2020 Indieversary Duo


Wildflowers & Lace


2020 Up a Creek - Volume 2

That's a Real Quick No

You're Like a Big Dirty Racoon

Fold in the Cheese

Let's Turn this Dream into Green

My Crocodile Bag!

Have a Blessed Day


Sofishticated Collection

She's My Nemo-sis

Dark Side of the Moonrise

Fish Upon a Star

Panic at the Discus

Damsel in Distress

Any Fin Is Possible


Yinyang Duo


Bish Betta Have My Money


Up a Creek : Volume 3

Follow Us on Tweeters

I Plan On Popping a Pill

When One of Us Shines, All Of Us Shine

I Feel Like That Needs To Be Celebrated

Stop Acting like a Disgruntled Pelican

I'm Obsessed With This


Mystery Bags 2020 (Shimmer and Flakie)


Enchated Rose


Celestial Fire




Black Magic

Moonlit Crystals


The Marshmallow Collection

Huckleberry Fluff

Raspberry Fluff

Kiwi Fluff

Blueberry Fluff

Dragon Fruit Fluff

Marshmallow Flame

Marshmallow Freeze

Strawberry Marshmallow

Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow


Fintastic Fall - Fall 2020

Fairy Codmother

Eel With It

Drink Like A Fish

Seas The Day

Fishous Rumors

Soul Of A Mermaid, Mouth Of A Sailor


Mermaids & Mittens - Winter 2021

Arctic Sun

Merry Mermaid

Winter Waves

Sea Sparkle

Deep Sea Jewels

Frosted Coral

Inaugural Fashion Quad 






4th Indieversary Trio



Bloom From Within


Chapter 33 Trio

Moon Glow

Sun Beams

Walking in Starlight


Candied Koi Collection

Shake That Laffy Taffy

Don't Be Jelly

Smartie Pants

You're a Life Saver

Taste the Rainbow

You're the Fudging Best

Sealed with a Kiss

I Knew You Were Truffle When You Walked In

Pour Some Sugar on Me


For the Birds Collection

All Spangled Up

Finch Me I'm Dreaming

Such a Darling Starling

Chirp Off Chickadee

Heaven Sent


You Grackle Me Up


Killer Queen Collection

Another One Bites the Dust

Dynamite with a Laser Beam

I Want to Break Free

Under Pressure

Somebody to Love

You Make the Rockin' World Go Round

We are the Champions

Bohemian Rhapsody


Stay Golden Collection

I Could Vomit Just Looking At You

Picture It, Sicily 1922

I Was Once a Candy Stripper

He Melts My Häagen-Dazs


2021 Mystery Polish

Thank You for Being a Friend

Angel Aura Quartz



Limited Editions


Zombies Hate Fast Food

Drunkin' Pumpkin

Ghost Of A Unicorn

Pumpkin to Talk About


Last Nail In The Coffin


Snowed In

Tinsel In A Tangle

Go Elf Yourself

Cheers Grinches!

Let's Get Lit

Reindeer Poop

Naughty Or Nice?

Santa's Mints

Let The Good Times Roll



Mystical Madness

Irish I Was Your Lover

My Signature Color (Thermal)

Teal With It

Marshmallow Flame 

North Pole Dancer

Pepper Mint Condition

The Snuggle Is Real

Let's Get Elf-ed Up

Dear Santa, Define Naughty

Festive AF

Black Fridaze

We're Ornament to Be

Fa La La La La LLama

Sleigh Queen, Sleigh

Cold Winter's Night

Snow Sparkle

Marshmallow Flame

Marshmallow Frost

Stamp Tramp

Candy Cornucopia 


Mermaid Vibes

Party Crasher


For The Halibut


When I Think About You I Touch My Elf

Happy Alco-holidays!


Jingle My Bells

Season of Magic



Snow Crystal

Winter? Snow Thanks!


File That Under Oopsie



Slug Bug

Walkin' in a Wiener Wonderland

Rose Apothecary

Tossing All My Coins to Geralt


Snow Angel 

I'm Basically 29

Slug Bug 2.0

Eye Love You

Mr. Wildflower

Shooting Star

Serein 2.0



Facebook Group Customs

Luck Of The Irish - 2/2018

The Aquarium Life - 3/2018

Medieval Maiden - 3/2018

Fire & Ice - 7/2018

Mountain Of Majesty - 7/2018

Transcendent Dreams - 8/2018

Polar Lights - 11/2018

Pink Hare Don't Care - 2019 

500 & Then Some - 9/2019

Suc-Blue-Ent - 12/2019 - Blurple Winkle Custom

Sun Chaser - 2/2020/4/2020 - Yellow Polish Lovers Group

Sun Stone - 3/2020 - Orange You Glad to Be Here

Succulent - 3/2020

Snake Skin - 3/2020

Up in Flames - 3/2020

Bejeweled - 7/2020

24K Magic - 7/2020

Eternal Autumn - 8/2020 - Falloween Polish Lovers

Lush - 11/2020 Olive Polish Group

Why Live Life from Dream to Dream - 5/2021 Glitz & Glitter Groupies

Vitameatavegamin - 10/2021 Olive Polish Group 

You Had Me at Hi-Drangea - You Spin Me Right Brown Custom

Rosette Nebula - 3k Group Custom




Retro Rewind Lounge - Are You Afraid Of The Dark? with Nailed it - 7/2018

Midnight Society's Campfire


Fandom Flakies -

Here Kitty Kitty
Mermaid Melody

Pool Party Duo with BCB -

Float On

Charity Polish

  • Alzheimer's Awareness Polish

Forget Me Not - 2017

Royla - 2018

Always Remembered - 2019

With Brave Wings She Flies - 2020

Sewn With Love - 2021

  • Hope For Paws Duo with Nailed it - 6/2018

Haven Of Hope

  • Collab with Rescue Dogs Rule - 9/2018

The Best Things In Life Are Rescued

  • The Strength From Within Collab with Geekish Glitter & Nailed It - 7/2018

Hold On To Hope

  • Save The Boobies Box with Nailed It - 10/2018

Awareness Is Power 

  • Collab with @camisnailarts - 12/2018

I've Got The Blues 

Pinky Promise #SuperSean with Fat Cat Pawlished - 1/2019

  • Save The Elephants Duo - 1/2019

All Good Things Are Wild & Free

Wisdom & Serenity

  • Support Network - 4/2019
  • The Sun Will Shine Again - Oklahoma Flood Relief - 6/2019 

BLM - Still I Rise - 7/2020

Bethany Animal Shelter - Fury Guardian Angel - 9/2020

Suicide Awareness-

  • A Light in the Darkness - January 2021
  • Tomorrow is a Brighter Day - January 2022

Country Roads Animal Rescue Society - Levy - 10/2021


Shop Rewind 2020

  • Dragonfly
  • Margarita Island 2.0
  • Succulent
  • Snake Skin 

Way with Words

Shop Rewind 2021

Wonderland 2.0
For the Halibut 2.0


Past Polish Pickup

Your Princess Is In Another Castle - 6/2018

Burnin' Up The Quarter Mile - 8/2018

Horrific Harlequins - 9/2018

I Looove Gold! - 10/2018

Cups Of Ambition - 11/2018

Nemophilist - 12/2018

Serpentine Queen - 1/2019

Moose - 2/2019

Twisted Fool - 3/2019

Fairy Lights - 4/2019

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - 5/2019

Blow Me...Away - 6/2019

Teller of Fortunes - 8/2019

Poor Unfortunate Souls - 9/2019

Tentakills - 10/2019

Fire of the Juniper - 11/2019

Surfin' Safari - 12/2019

Don't Play Koi - 1/2020

Twice the Woman - 2/2020

Cry Me a River - 3/2020

Dressed to Krill - 4/2020

Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker - 5/2020

Cherry Smasher - 6/2020

Potion - 8/2020

Dibs on Daphne - 9/2020

Weeds Are Flowers Too - 10/2020

Have A Ball - 11/2020

You're My Happy Ending - 12/2020

Illumination - 1/2021

Straight Outta St. Olaf - 2/2021

I Wanna See Your Peacock - 3/2021

Magic Mirror - 4/2021

I Beg Your Parton? - 5/2021

The Sky Has Finally Opened - 6/2021

Wait, My Bebes! - 8/2021

Carpe Noctem - 9/2021

Geralt Can Have All My Coins - 10/2021

Queen Frostine - 11/2021

Bunny Slippers - 12/2021 

Wild Hibiscus - 1/2022

It's Showtime! - 2/2022

Rainbows Are Visions - 3/2022

Stolen Flame - 4/2022

Arctic Passage - 5/2022

Carnival Sass - 6/2022



Past HHC

  • Golden Girls Theme -

Eat Dirt & Die, Trash! 10/2018

Beat It You 50 Year Old Mattress! 11/2018

Sweetheart, Pray For Brains - 12/2018

Back In St. Olaf - 1/2019

  • Wayne's World Theme -

The Mirth Mobile - 2/2019

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! - 3/2019

Dreamweaver - 4/2019

Schwing! - 5/2019

Foxy - 6/2019

We're Not Worthy! - 7/2019

  • Dazed & Confused Theme -

Dazed & Confused - 8/2019

Alright, Alright, Alright (thermal) - 9/2019

FAH-Q - 10/2019

You Cool, Man? - 11/2019

Kick Some Ass & Drink Some Beer - 1/2020

Gotta Keep Livin' Man, L-I-V-I-N - 2/2020

  • Selena Quintanilla Theme -

Como La Flor - 3/2020

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom - 4/2020

Dreaming of You Tonight - 5/2020

I Could Fall in Love - 6/2020

  • Bugging Out Theme

Flower Beetle - 7/2020

Bugs & Kisses - 8/2020

Wings of Glass - 9/2020

Sunset Bringer - 10/2020

Placer Of The Stars - 11/2020

Keeper of Dreams - 12/2020

  • Selena Revisited 

Captive Heart 1/2021

El Chico Del Apartamento 512 2/2021

Si Una Vez 3/2021

Buenos Amigos 4/2021

Missing My Baby 5/2021

Ámame - 6/2021

  • Alice in Wonderland

Curious Oysters - 7/2021 

Do You Suppose She's a Wildflower? - 8/2021

Whooo Are You? - 9/2021

Tea Party - 10/2021

Most Everyone's Mad Here - 11/2021

Painting the Roses Red - 12/2021



Sparkle & Shine

Caribbean Storm - July 2019

Wicked Thicket - September 2019

12 Day Advent - November 2019
-Sleigh Bells Ring
-Blue Christmas
-Santa's Little Helper
-Frosted Pine (wax)
-Candy Cane lip balm

Galactic Glow - January 2020

Be Kind Be True Just Be You - March 2020

The Rainbow Fish - May 2020

Under a Spell - July 2020

Fallelujah! - September 2020

12 Day Advent - November 2020
-Love at Frost Sight
-Jolly & Pine
-Sleigh You
-License to Chill
-Sparkle All The Way
-Rebel Without a Claus

Sky Magic - January 2021

What in Carnation? - March 2021

Cetus-Lupeedus! - May 2021

Teal-quila Sunrise - July 2021

Demon Knight - September 2021

Strawberry Cat-Puccino - January 2022

Monarchy - March 2022

Sunflower of Hope - April 2022 (Love for Ukraine)

Tropic like it's Hot - May 2022

July 2022 Summer Advent 
-One in a Melon
-Shake your Palm Trees
-Resting Beach Face


2021 Advent 

Make It Rein

Holiday Spirits

Your Presents Is Requested

I Have The Final Sleigh

I Only Have Ice For You


The Charity Box

Time to Wine Down - 10/2020

Where the Sidewalk Ends - 2/2021

Vase of Base - 4/2021

Selene - 5/2021

Where Stars Are Born - 6/2021

Panda Painter - 7/2021

Enchanted Spirit - 8/2021

Tea Time With Barbie - 9/2021

A Little Junk in the Steampunk - 10/2021


Little Box of Horrors

Tonight... We Fly! 9/21

Heart of Cold 11/21

Your Television Will Adjust You - 1/22


Polished Gamers Box

Maiden of Anguish - 11/2020

Festival of the Winter Star - 12/2020

Lord of the Mountain - 8/2021

What if you Miss? - 3/2022

Your Perfect Snowboy is here! - 4/2022


A Very Supernatural Collab

Is That An Ascot? - 6/2021

Tangled Tinsel Mystery Bags

Let Me Tinsel You In
Twinkling Tinsel
Tinsel Prism
Midnight Tinsel
Tinsel Koi
Jeweled Tinsel

 Up a Creek: Volume 4&5

The Crowening
Ew Ted! What am I 32?
You're Simply the Best
Whisper of Desire
A Little Bit Alexis
I'm Sorry I'm Not a Condom
Please Never Say Titillating
Are these 24 Karat?
The Internet Says You're Dead
Gossip is the Devil's Telephone, Best to Just Hang Up
Isn't this a Glittering Sea of Hopeful Faces
I Once Played a Nurse on MASH

Cheers to 5 Years!


 Polished Flicks

Dr. Frank-N-Furter - 1/2022
Fall in Love Whenever You Can - 3/2022
I'm Totally Buggin' - 5/2022

The Classics 


 Tossing Coins 

Do Witchers Retire?
Faith’s a Simple Medicine for Desperate Souls
Indifferent to the Past
Fear is an Illness

 Slow Burn Collection

Slow Burn
Follow Your Arrow Wherever It Points
Mind Your Own Biscuits & Life Will Be Gravy

Scarlet's Trio
Sweet Old Lady
They See Me Rollin'